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2014 Girlfriend Getaway
Wahweap Lodge, Lake Powell, Arizona

Women’s Spiritual Fitness Retreat

Our 2014 retreat to Lake Powell was a dream come true…. It’s the place that my most amazing mom would have wanted us to host a retreat. As a family, we have been going to Lake Powell since 1970. We have seen many changes but most of all we have seen lives evolve when you sense the presence of God on the water and just like the changing landscape, this retreat changed lives! With perfect weather and the wind at our backs, we kayaked, paddle boarded and basked in the golden glow of the sunlight red rocks on fire! To really experience Lake Powell you need to be there but the next best thing (if you were not on our retreat:)) is to read the article I wrote for “Outside Magazine” and experience ALL that this magical place has to offer, if only you open your eyes and your heart to the Glory of God and the simple pleasures of creation!

My Epic Year…Lake Powell Revisited


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